Beach Hut of the Year Shortlist – Indian Summer

We have just been told that there are THREE yes THREE of the Walton Beach Huts in the shortlist for Britain’s best beach hut, a short list of 10!


Hut Number One – ‘Indian Summer’

Indian Summer truly is a stand-out beach hut. With its Buddha theme and the use of deep burgundies and golds, it emanates opulence, calm, and total relaxation for anyone visiting. The owner, Kirk Douglas, believes that a visit to his beach hut is a perfect way to end a busy week. Kirk and his partner have not owned the hut for very long, but knew that they wanted to create a hut that really had something different about it. The Buddha theme was inspired, not only by relaxation and serenity, but by their favourite London hotel which decorates each room with a different theme. Indian Summer is rented out to guests seeking relaxation through their ‘boutique beach huts’ business, and the owners deliver picnics, afternoon teas, a chef for the day, spa treatments and even physic readings to create a luxury and tranquil atmosphere. Filled with vintage china and a cake stand, nearby hutters and locals fondly refer to Indian Summer as ‘the red hut’.

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